Heart Attacks are Optional

Learn How To Choose Health Over Heart Attacks

Heart attacks and strokes remain the leading cause of death in the US. Have you ever considered that heart attacks are optional? Most of us take our heart for granted; half of the time the first hint that we have arterial disease is when we have a heart attack or sudden death. In this master class, cardiologist Dr. Eric Goulder and dentist Dr. Barb McClatchie will be talking about current misconceptions about heart attacks. When in fact, heart attacks are actually preventable in more ways than you think!

In this master class on Wednesday, January 30th at 8pm ET (7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm PT), you will learn what really causes a heart attack. While knowing your cholesterol numbers is certainly important, there are numerous other abnormalities which can cause arterial disease. Most of us think it’s the cholesterol that causes a heart attack. In fact, it’s not even the severe blockages in the arteries that are the most worrisome. Milder blockages can be more dangerous.

Meet The Speakers, Dr. Eric Goulder and Dr. Barb McClatchie

Dr. Eric Goulder, MD is the founder of the Heart Attack Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio (HASPC), which opened in July 2017 in Worthington, Ohio. After graduating from The Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1976, he worked for twenty years at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. He then worked for ten years as a cardiologist, affiliated with Marietta Memorial Hospital, until he opened the HASPC. In 2012, Dr. Goulder was introduced to the Bale Doneen (BD) Method, which incorporates the most current, research-based information along with painless non-invasive tests, simple blood tests and genetic information to help predict and prevent heart attacks and ischemic strokes. He has since become an accredited provider of the BD Method. At the HASPC, Dr. Goulder will check and treat patients for hidden heart attack and stroke risk using the BD Method, which is employed by hundreds of practitioners worldwide. He works in partnership with each patient’s physicians to ensure optimal care.

Dr. Barbara McClatchie is on a mission to enrich the quality of life for every person she meets. Her practice, Complete Heath Dentistry of Columbus, employs a team of professionals specializing in general restorative dentistry and uses researched-based methods that ensure optimal oral, mouth and heart health. In 2011, Dr. McClatchie completed the Bale Doneen Preceptorship certification and continues mentored study today. In this program, she attends monthly scientific updates to learn the latest science to prevent cardiovascular disease from progressing and to actually reverse it, through practicing personalized dental medicine. She and her team offer saliva testing to identify the presence of five high risk bacteria that can increase chances of cardiovascular disease as well as to determine a person’s genetic risks.

As an accredited provider of the Bale Doneen Method, she works in partnership with the Heart Attack Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio and supports other dentists to help patients prevent heart attacks and strokes. She is a founding member of American Academy of Oral Systemic Health, an organization bringing medical and dental professionals together as patient advocates for better patient outcomes. Outside of the office Dr. McClatchie enjoys gardening, dancing, visiting amusement parks and watching fireworks, all while laughing and having lots of fun. She has two grown boys and two golden retrievers.


Dr. Eric Goulder and Dr. Barb McClatchie

Why This MasterClass Is A Must?

Have you been reading the latest and greatest on diets and fads of nutrition? This dynamic duo will be debunking myths and setting the truth straight once and for all as to what kind of diet is best for your heart health. Did you know that your genetics play a huge role in determining what type of diet is best for you?

Now, what does the dentist office have to do with all of this? Up to 1/2 of unexpected heart attacks are triggered by certain bacteria you may have in your mouth. There is a simple test your dentist can do to look for these dangerous bacteria. Dr. Barb McClatchie, renowned advanced complete health dentist, will be talking about what questions you need to ask at your next dental appointment. After hearing this presentation you may want to think twice about skipping your next dental visit.

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